35 Day Music Challenge – Day 2

A Song That Reminds Me Of My Parents – Oasis – ‘Married With Children’

There aren’t many songs to choose from for this entry; I don’t tend to think of my parents when listening to music. That said, I’m vaguely reminded of my mum whenever I hear Sade – ‘Fear’ or ‘Pearls’, because I can just about remember her singing quite softly around the house when I was little. She had a nice voice actually, or so I seem to remember.

You can tell that I’m clutching at straws with this one, because my mum and stepdad aren’t actually married and they haven’t brought any children into the world while they’ve been together. Neither of them are massive fans of Oasis either, though my stepdad doesn’t mind them. He owns almost all of their albums after all, but he’s more of a U2 fan – something which would split a lot of opinion these days as it’s fashionable to hate them. I actually quite like them, but I can’t just pick a random U2 song for the sake of this entry. The song needs to mean something and needs to be relevant, which ‘Married With Children’ is.

As a child, I was a little bastard, both literally and in terms of behaviour. I was very argumentative, which led to my parents putting a magnet on their fridge which read ‘Teenagers! Get out now while you know everything!’ It’s not abnormal for teenagers to think they know everything but that magnet is perfectly in line with a lyric from the song: ‘I hate the way that even though you know you’re wrong, you say you’re right’.

Other lines such as ‘I hate the books you read and all your friends, your music’s shite, it keeps me up all night, up all night’ are particularly pertinent. Especially when you consider that I went through a lengthy Trance phase. I can hardly blame him if indeed he did think that was shite. It was often too loud anyway…

‘Married With Children’ is the final somg on Oasis’ debut album, Definitely Maybe. It’s entirely acoustic and many people have pointed out that the chord structure is identical to that of ‘Lithium’ by Nirvana. I’ve never personally noticed this. It tends to be a track that I skip, but it serves as a solid reminder of how much my parents must have despaired at how much of a burden I was at times.


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