35 Day Music Challenge – Day 5

A Song That Makes Me Feel Hopeful: Maor Levi – ‘Reflect’

You probably wouldn’t have seen this coming. I went through a huge Trance phrase in my early teens and Maor Levi was just making a name for himself at the time.

The Israeli-born producer has become renowned for his choppy, almost mythical sounding vocal effects such as those used in ‘Reflect’ and ‘Shapes’. They create quite an uplifting vibe in this but, in my opinion, they don’t let you get too high. When I listen to ‘Reflect’ it’s normally because I am actually having a moment of reflection. I tend to listen to it after work, when I’ve been pushed to the limit in terms of stress and I just need an escape.

The era of Trance music that gave birth to tunes like this was one of the best, as far as I’m concerned. This track belongs among the elite from that time. ‘A Song That Makes Me Feel Hopeful’ is a bit cringeworthy for my liking and I wouldn’t normally bother using it, but I needed to pad out my challenge a bit and I guess this piece of music helps relieve any stresses I have and makes me hope that the following day won’t be quite so disastrous.


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